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Room With Stars

RUNNING TIME: 85 minutes

CAST: 1 Female: Seventeen years old

1 Male: Late teens, Hispanic

1 Female Late thirties, Italian descent

1 Female: Late forties, Hispanic

DESCRIPTION: It is 1967. On New York’s Lower East Side, Samantha is getting ready to graduate from high school and go on to college, but her world turns upside down when she’s expelled for her anti-war activity. Both her Mother and her boyfriend strongly oppose any further political action, but Samantha disagrees. This is a story about the price of following one’s heart in a chaotic world.


Presented at Theater for the New City, NYC

Photo: Elizabeth Ruf Maldonado

Dr. Olivia J. Hooker, 2017.

Olivia Makes Waves

RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes

CAST: 2 Females

Late twenties, African-American

Early twenties, English descent


DESCRIPTION: It is 1943.  Olivia J. Hooker, a survivor of the Tulsa Massacre,  wants to become a WAVE . She is the first  Negro woman to  apply  and she is determined to get in.


Available on:

And Here's . . . Boris!

RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes

CAST: 3 Males; Early teens, Jewish

DESCRIPTION: Boris Thomashefsky did not come to New York’s Lower East Side to work in a cigarette factory. He wants to sing; and sing in Yiddish, his native language.  When he gets a chance to do a show, no one is going to stop him.

Presented at the Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC

Left to Right: John Maddaloni; Andrew DiTusa; Garth Kravits.

Leaving Brook Farm 

RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes

CAST: 1 Male, Mid-forties; English descent

1 Female, Mid-forties; English descent

DESCRIPTION: Sophia and George Ripley have spent years building a utopian community in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. But after a devastating fire, Sophia feels she has had enough.

Presented at the Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC

Brian Poteat.


Left to Right: Marisol Carrere; Elena Adames; Yancey Quinones; Nina Howes; Carolina McNeely; Gloria Zelaya.

Our Lady of the Sheets

RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes

CAST: 1 Male, Early twenties, Hispanic

1 Female, Early thirties

DESCRIPTION: An undocumented worker fleeing an ICE Raid finds safety in an unlikely space – a laundromat.

Presented at NYC Public Libraries (staged reading)

Hercules Comes Back

RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes

CAST: 3 Males

Late sixties, Italian

Late thirties, Italian

Late thirties, African- American

1 Female: Early thirties

DESCRIPTION: Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nick comes home  from a stint in the Iraq War ready to take over the family business.  When his health begins to deteriorate he refuses to face the facts; until his wife , Jen, gives him an ultimatum.

Presented at the Brecht Forum, NYC (staged reading)


RUNNING TIME:  75 minutes

CAST: 1 Male: Early twenties, Italian

3 Females: 

Late  twenties, Hispanic

Early twenties, Hispanic

Early fifties, Hispanic 

DESCRIPTION: Rosa is a people’s lawyer on New York’s lower east side. She studies hard but doubts she could ever pass the test to go to law school. When she wins a victory to save a treasured Church from demolition; she gains a victory for the community and the self confidence to move forward with her education.

Presented at Teatro Circulo, NYC (staged reading)


RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes

CAST: Two Females: 1 early thirties, 1 late thirties

DESCRIPTION: At an empty subway platform on a winter’s night,  Cheri needs to get her sister to confront a painful memory. But will she do it?

Presented at NYC Public Libraries (staged reading)

Poet & Bird

RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes

CAST: 1 Male, Late fifties, African American

1 Female, Early twenties

DESCRIPTION: A young teacher learns more than she bargained for when she stops to buy a book from a Vietnam vet street poet.

Presented at Clemente Soto Velez Center, NYC

Whose Dirt?

RUNNING TIME: 7 minutes

CAST: 1 Male, Late forties

DESCRIPTION: Through a series of mishaps, Willie, an unemployed construction worker, is now living in a park in Queens. The police threaten to evict him from his handmade shack; but Willie has other plans.

Presented at NYC Public Libraries (staged reading)

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