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Lower East Side Oral Histories


The Lower East Side is one of Manhattan's most vibrant neighborhoods. For centuries, it has been home to hundreds of enclaves of immigrants from every part of the world. As they became New Yorkers, the neighborhood has in turn become infused with their cultures, foods, traditions and personalities. In this book, Lower East Side historians Eric Ferrara and Nina Howes document the memories of twenty-five people who lived in this larger-than-life corner of New York. From childhood memories with family to observations of the constantly changing face of the neighborhood, discover the Lower East Side through the eyes and voices of the people who have made it what it is today.

How Chippy Lost His Tail

HOW CHIPPY LOST HIS TAIL is an animal fable for children, young adults (and older ones too). It's about a chipmunk who's so obsessed with his cell phone, he does actually lose his tail.

I wrote it as a reminder to busy people like myself, that no matter how much you have to do; you need to stop; take time to relax; and take notice of the beauty that's all around you. 

Mice of the Merry House


Romp through history with the mischievous mice of the Merry House — a 19th century row house in New York City. As the mice fight to save their home they are befriended by Gertrude — the last living inhabitant of the house and who is now often seen as a ghost.

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