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Upcoming Production:
Room With Stars


Performance Dates: 

June 2nd – June 18th, 2022

155 First Avenue @10th Street, NYC

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Immigrant Song

We never knew we were poor,” says Gladys Choma, words echoed by the twenty-five individuals Nina Howes interviewed from 2001–2012. Wealth was not calculated in monetary terms but in the sense of community, of camaraderie that existed among Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Puerto Ricans—people of every nationality—who watched out for each other. It was the late 40’s and 50’s, a life of railroad apartments, with the tub in the kitchen and the john down the hall; life was hard. People went to the baths to wash up. John Milisenda said, “We had an icebox because I remember the man screaming out, ‘Yo, Ice’ when I was a kid on 252 Houston Street.” Along with ice, coal was delivered to heat stoves. Food was bought from push- carts and wrapped in newspapers. There were no bags. more

Living history in a new book of L.E.S. interviews


Some of the 25 people profiled in the new “Lower East Side Oral Histories” recently gathered for a book party at the Duo Multicultural Arts Center . . . more

Writing to Heal ... Writing to Grow


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